The Best Quick Weight Loss Diet

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What is the best quick weight loss diet?  That’s a difficult question to answer because everyone’s body is different and so is their fitness level.  When looking for the best quick weight loss diet, you need to bear in mind that losing weight quickly isn’t always a good idea because it very often means that the weight goes back on just as quickly.

Basically, the best quick weight loss diet is the diet that suits you personally, whether you find it on the internet, in a book or make it up yourself.  Unless you are very strong willed, one of the ready made diets will probably be easiest to follow as these set out exactly what you need to eat and when as well as giving exercises to follow.

Because everyone has a different metabolic rate, the amount of energy they take in and they amount they use up will vary.  The important thing is to be able to stick to whatever diet you choose.

If you don’t enjoy exercise now, then you possibly never will so the best quick weight loss diet for you isn’t going to be one which involves a lot of strenuous physical activity right from the beginning.  If you start to enjoy it, you can build up the amount and ferocity of your exercise regime.  Losing a bit of weight can be a big motivator when it comes to working out.

Equally, don’t choose a diet which includes food you don’t like.  If you hate salad, then forcing yourself to eat it day in and day out can only lead to disaster.  The best quick weight loss diet will have a balance of “good” carbohydrate and protein as well as lots of fruit and vegetables.  

For a diet to actually work, you need to use up more energy than you take in, so if you have a glass of wine, you will need to do more exercise to compensate for it.  In any event the best quick weight loss diet will mean eating healthily, exercising on a regular basis and drinking lots of water but you’ll need to be really strict about what you eat to start with.  You will also need to retrain your appetite to leave out all those sticky cakes and bags of crisps or all that weight will soon go back on.

For a weight loss plan to succeed, you need to eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.  If you want to lose weight fast, follow a really strict food intake and exercise plan for the first two weeks.  This will kick start your weight loss, but you really need to continue your diet for longer than it takes to lose the exact amount of weight that you want to lose.  If you get to your goal and immediately revert to drinking five pints of beer a night or eating two cream cakes every afternoon, that weight is going to be back on so fast, you won’t believe it.

The best fast weight loss plan is one that you can stick to and continue losing weight slowly after the initial burst.

Author: Liz Canham

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Does water help with weight loss?

I drink water all the time. I don’t drink pop or even diet pop. I eat healthy and exercise every day. Like 1 hour every day. On top of the that I walk to and from the gym. I have lost 15 lbs by joining the gym. I have been a member of my gym since July of last year.

Author: Movie_lover

Posted in weight loss diet by Nick. 3 Comments

Can anyone tell me about my weight loss?

I hadn’t been losing weight all the time. My doctor said I had high blood pressure and put me on medication. Although I was told to lose weight I kept my normal diet. It wasn’t until I rushed to the hospital which turned out to be a heart palpitation that I decided to change my diet. I found out I had Mitral Valve Prolapse but a mild case that may only cause palpitations from time to time. I’m on meds for that too as a result. Now tell me if this is normal. I stopped eating added salt completely. I still eat some canned foods like tuna but not in abundance so consumption stays really low. I avoid using fatty things like oil and butter and if I do use it, then not very often. No more fast foods…EVER. Sugar consumption is very low. Now i’m 6′ 1″ and over the past four months I’ve moved from 212 lbs to 186 lbs. Is this normal. I kinda liked being a bit stocky. My doctor has no contribution to the matter and never explains anything. He just says he know it’s not cancer or diabetes because I don’t have any signs or symptoms and the weight loss is probably because of the diet change. Although I agree with that, I still don’t like the word probably. It’s too uncertain. Doctors really know how to make you stressed. Any opinions?

Author: Frawthy

Posted in weight loss diet by Nick. 1 Comment

How The Diet Solution Program Worked For Me

Best Weight Loss Diet

Click Here To Discover How The Diet Solution Program Worked For Me!

Hey, Nick here.

And you’re reading my uncensored review of what I really thought about The Diet Solution Program.

Note that this is a review. If you’re looking for the official The Diet Solution Program website, then click here: The Diet Solution Program

Why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking of buying The Diet Solution Program, there wasn’t many real reviews around.

So, I thought I’d do a quick write-up to help any of you who are in the same position I was.

But be warned, I’ll be going into the good and the bad points of The Diet Solution Program, so if that’s not something you want to read, you might may as well leave now.

My first impressions of The Diet Solution Program:

Was that it seemed like an honest holistic approach to losing weight without having to do some crazy diet or use any pills to for that matter.

What The Diet Solution Program has helped me achieve:

While I havent used it personally but I watched my friend Janice lose 25 pounds over a three week time period on the diet that the Diet Solution program promotes.

The top 5 things that I learned from The Diet Solution Program:

A more healthy way to eat . The way my body processes sugar. How my pancreas works. How the the body produces insulin.

What I find most useful about The Diet Solution Program:

It is a great guide for watching the way that you eat.

Who would benefit from purchasing The Diet Solution Program:

Anybody that is overwieight and not wanting to go the “medical” route meaning they don’t want to get stomach surgery or use any chemical pills that supress some natural function inside your body thus causing more problems later on down the road.

What I think was left out of The Diet Solution Program:

Nothing really. It covered, what I think, was the best method for weightloss fast.

How quickly The Diet Solution Program can help someone:

About as fast as they get the material, go through it and start applying the methods and the “in-expensive” hollistic approach that it teaches.

Proof that The Diet Solution Program really works:

Like I said I watched my friend Janice lose 25 pounds over a three week time period.

Negatives about The Diet Solution Program:

I haven’t found any negatives about the program.

Additional skills or tools needed to get the most out of The Diet Solution Program:

Just a basic knowledge for following direction and eating the right foods.

My final words about The Diet Solution Program:

Overall I think it is a great program. Like I said, I watched one of my friends direclty benefit in losing the amount of weight she wanted to lose. Plus, it is a hollistic approach that I thouroughly agree with.

Posted in Uncategorized by Nick. No Comments

Body Magic How To Go To The Ladies Room (Bathroom) 321-662-9652 Frequently asked questions, FAQ about Body Magic. Training to teach you simple Body Magic tricks that will make your garment more comfortable if need be. In this Body Magic video Pamm Turner addresses the #1 complaint I get from my clients. Ardyss Men have used this video to help answer this delicate questions from their clients. Lose 2 Dress Sizes in 10 minutes. The Body Magic garment is designed to reshape your lower body. Body Magic shaper, shapes the body while compressing excess skin and fat, causing immediate and long term benefits. It reshapes the body causing dramatically uplifted breast and decreased waist. Ardyss manufactures The Body Magic as seen on NBC and ABC. Check out before and afters on my other Body Magic videos. The products offered also include a detox system, the Ultra Body Cleanse; LeVive, other nutritional products and skin care.

Author: pammturner

Thinking About Trying Weight Loss Patches

Weight loss patches are generally made from such ingredients as algae and seaweed, later studies on weight loss and diet led to use of green tea as a weight loss patch. In current times speculation on the use of green tea as a potential therapy for cancer the polyphenol substances found in green tea can prevent cancer cells from growing.

Weight loss patches are mainly meant to get the results fast and thus people find it very convenient to use. A weight loss patch resembles close to a birth control patch or a nicotine patch. Weight Loss Patches are similar to birth control patches, in that the medication is introduced into the body via the skin. Currently available diet patches apparently deliver “all natural” ingredients through your skin into the bloodstream.

Dieting can be a huge challenge, there are temptations everywhere. There are a few things that you can avoid to make losing weight easier. Dieting is definitely not how to burn fat. When your body is deprived of the food it needs, it goes into a sort of panic mode.

Diet pills, weight loss patches and more have all found their way onto the market as people look for the quick solution to permanent weight loss. In this article I will discuss weight loss patches in greater detail and whether they really are worth your hard earned cash.

Dieting and exercising are some common practice for shedding your fats. But problem again rises that if it is not done properly it can lead you to the worst side of your life. Diet immediately brings to mind images of hunger, frustration, and ultimately failure. This one single word stops many people dead in their tracks.

Hoodia dist pills have the Worst use ability rate. This is due to most of the pill is not broken down in the human body. Hoodia diet pills have gained a lot of popularity, probably due to the fact that the plant that is the basic ingredient has been used by people living in very natural circumstances for a very long time. If you want to use this product, but aren’t keen on swallowing pills, then consider trying the Hoodia patch .

Obesity and weight gain is a worldwide problem that has also become a concerning issue in several countries. According to a study, it has been found that around 2.3 billion people across the world were overweight and 400 million people were found to be obese. Obesity and physical inactivity are two risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

Author: Gregory Wadel

The Daylight Diet by Paul Nison PART 8 of 11

From Orlando Florida 4-16-09 Raw Food Author Paul Nison talks about his new book The Daylight Diet. For more information and to order the book visit To see the other parts of this video go to Paul’s blog at http

Author: thedurianking

Done For You Meal Plans For Athletes Get your very own weekly diet meal plan from Done For You Meals. These are perfect meal plans for bodybuilders, fitness buffs, athletes, and anyone who would like to have an easy to follow 12 week eating plan to follow.

Author: leemhayward

What is the best diet plan you know?

Im not talking about the South Beach Diet, i mean the lifestyle you live. If you have been eating really good food that work for you, tell me! What is you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. OH AND YOUR EXERCISE PLAN!

Author: Michelle

Posted in misc by Nick. 5 Comments
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